Ibero American Network of Nuclear Astrophysics



The Ibero American Network of Nuclear Astrophysics (IANNA) was created in 2022 with the aim of fostering joint collaborations related to Nuclear Astrophysics between research institutions in Mexico, Spain, Brazil, Argentina, Portugal, and the United States. Institutions from other latin-american countries or the US may be incorporated later. IANNA will not only help in facilitating and strengthening the collaborative effort between different institutions but will also help in student exchange and student training across the involved countries.

Mainly dedicated to nuclear reaction studies related to Nuclear Astrophysics, but also involved in doing calculations with simulation codes in different astrophysical issues, this initiative will strengthen and formalize an already existing collaboration between the parties mentioned above.

Therefore, the network will promote the convergence of the research lines in the fields of nuclear physics and astrophysics of all involved institutions. Aside from senior researchers, a good number of students and postdocs would be expected to be involved.