"Ibero American Network of Nuclear Astrophysics"

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The idea of creating the present Ibero American Network of Nuclear Astrophysics (IANNA) arises based on the experience of previous fruitful collaborations in related areas between Mexican and Brazilian researchers with US researchers, with the intention of extending the corresponding benefits to a larger group with similar interests in Nuclear Astrophysics. The participants intend to explore future collaborations in this growing research field through mutual visits, joint workshops, seminars, exchange of scientific materials, experiments in collaboration and publications. 

With the idea of maintaining a contact as close as possible, researchers from Iberoamerica may discuss with US counterparts about possible experiments that can be done in their own facilities and these experiments can be performed within joint collaborations, which could include in some cases the physical presence of US researchers. Likewise, Iberoamerican researchers may also participate in experiments at US facilities within ongoing collaborations, based on previous agreements with the respective experiment leaders. When possible, resources from Iberoamerican institutions (e.g. detector systems, electronics, etc) may be used to better accomplish the goals of these experiments.

Theorist members of the network may contribute proposing new experiments that may help corroborate respective hypotheses, or they may also be consulted and/or participate actively in the final analysis of experiments performed by other members.

The present network is meant to help identifying and locating information about people and resources to be considered in possible new collaborations or for extending others already existing. Joint research on new scientific topics may be included in this collaboration program after mutually discussed and approved by the involved institutions.