"Ibero American Network of Nuclear Astrophysics"


USP-TANDAR-U.Sevilla Collaboration for the study of reaction mechanisms of weakly bound nuclei.

The breakup and sub-barrier neutron transfer processes may introduce very significant differences in the fusion cross section of weakly bound nuclei. For investigating these features, joint measurements of elastic and inelastic scattering, neutron transfer, complete and incomplete fusion have been performed both at USP and TANDAR facilities for several systems. Detection of breakup fragments in kinematic coincidence is currently underway.

PRC103, 034616 (2021)

PRC101, 044601 (2020)


Next experimental campaign:  The next experimental campaign of this collaboration is foreseen to be performed from March 20th to 31th 2023 and must continue during April 2023 (with dates to be defined).  The plan is to measure 12,13C+119,120Sn nuclear reactions. Measurements will be performed at the Open Laboratory of Nuclear Physics, located in the University of São Paulo (USP), in Brazil. The experiment will be carried out using the 8MV pelletron tandem accelerator, coupled to the new 30B nuclear reaction chamber, developed for studying weakly bound nuclei reactions mechanisms and account for the respective reactions rates. The main objectives are to measure the elastic scattering of the projectiles; the inelastic excitation of projectiles and targets; neutron(s) (pick up and stripping) transfer(s); besides detecting breakup fragments, for which kinematic coincidences could be explored. The 13C+119Sn→12C+120Sn configuration is of special interest, once both components will be considered as input and output products.