University of Sevilla- ASFIN

"Ibero American Network of Nuclear Astrophysics"

University of Sevilla- ASFIN Group Collaboration.
The Nuclear Astrophysic Group of INFN-LNS of Catania (Italy) (ASFIN) is the founder of the Trojan Horse Method (THM), fundamental for the experimental study of many nuclear reactions of astrophysics interest.  
This method is an indirect technique to extract the cross section of an astrophysically relevant two-body reaction, at low energies, from a suitable three-body reaction.
The University of Seville and ASFIN group have established a collaboration around experiments using THM method  (e.g. the study of the 14N+n and 7Be+n cross sections [1]) in addition to breakup reaction studies, using weakly bound radioactive ion beams (e.g. 8B [2] and 11Li) and the thick target inverse kinematic (TTIK) method applied to study resonant structures (e.g. 19F and 13B [3,4]), at different facilities around the world.
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[3] M. La Cognata et al. Observation of 15N + α resonant structures in 19F using the thick target in inverse kinematics scattering method. Physical Review C 99 (3), 034301 (2019)
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